Getting Into Plants

  • Houseplant Enthusiasts - Elizabeth Fierman

    One of the things about plants that I really like is that they mark time for you. If nothing else changes in a room or in your life, your plant gets bigger and you’re like “Oh my god, this thing is passing time in front of me.”
  • Houseplant Enthusiasts with Darryl Cheng of @Houseplantjournal

    For our second installment of Houseplant Enthusiasts, we're joined by Darryl Cheng. If you can connect to the internet and have even a passing interest in houseplants, Darryl needs no introduction. But I'll do it anyways. Darryl runs one of the most well-known, houseplant-focused Instagram accounts @houseplantjournal. With over 500,000 followers, there's a good chance you've either liked a post of his or seen one a friend of yours liked - and for good reason. Darryl, as you'll learn in the following interview is an opinionated guy when it comes to plants and plant care. His posts are typically educational and take a different approach to a lot of the content you see online. While he appreciates the aesthetic quality of houseplants, he clearly bristles at the idea that it is the only quality for which they should be appreciated. Darryl is also the author of a book called "The New Plant Parent", which I highly recommend. In it he breaks plant care down to some basic concepts, that should provide us all with a framework by which to determine how to care for our plants.
  • Houseplant Enthusiasts - Maisa Nammari

    For our inaugural interview, we begin with Maisa Nammari, a plant-loving student based in Boulder, Colorado. Maisa has between 80 and 100 houseplants and is a big fan of tropical plants. In this interview she shares some fantastic plant care tips and specific products she uses for her own plant care. You can check out her excellent photography at @miishmiish on Instagram.