What is included when I buy a plantfolio?

  • The assembled polyurethane coated wooden frame, with heavy-duty PVC coated steel mesh.
  • Two marine-grade sailcloth sidewalls, which have a fiberglass tube skeleton.
  • Two removable silicone trays that fit tighly into the wooden frame.

Are any tools or plants included?

  • No. Unless expressly stated, anything aside from the plantfolio itself is a prop for our product photography! However, we do plan to start selling additional tools and accessories soon.

What are the dimensions of plantfolio?
When stowed: 17.25" W x 17.25" T x 3" D
When opened: 34.5" W x 17.25" T x 1.5" D

How much does plantfolio weigh?
Approximately 6.5 lbs with silicone trays and sidewalls included


Will plantfolio fit my sink?In the US, the typical sink size is 33" W x 22" so we have designed this first model of plantfolio for that approximate size. This could be a single bowl or a double bowl sink. In either case, plantfolio will cover it without issue as well as smaller sinks provided there is enough counter space.

For sinks wider than 34", it's important that there is a barrier in the middle of the sink for plantfolio's central hinge to sit on. If the sink is both wide and taller than plantfolio and there is no center barrier to rest upon, then reach out to me: eli@plantfolio.co and we can discuss a custom build.

Will exposure to water damage the wooden frame?
No, the frame has been treated with multiple coats of clear polyurethane to prevent water damage to the frame. That said, don't immerse the frame in water for extended periods of time.

What are the sidewalls for?
The sidewalls serve multiple purposes depending on what you're using plantfolio for. For watering over the sink or spraying off a tangled root ball, they're useful as a splash guard. For changing out soil and repotting, they keep dirt inside plantfolio instead of bouncing onto your counters. And until we grow a third arm, they're useful for holding tools and propping plants against while your hands are occupied. Using them for something else? Let me know!

How much weight can the screens hold?
plantfolio was built extra sturdy to ensure it can be used for large plants and heavy pots. It has been tested to hold 70 lbs in one screen without any issue when sitting on a level surface - like over the sink.

Why do my succulents keep dying?
Because you're watering them too much!!

Where can I get the tools I see in the product photos?
Plantfolio now carries high quality tools made in Japan, including stainless steel soil scoops, gardening shears and brushes.


How did plantfolio start?
Hi - My name is Eli and the idea for plantfolio first came about in late 2019. I had a growing collection of houseplants (a few dozen) and was fed up with the mess involved with taking care of them indoors. I decided to design an indoor potting station to solve the problem. Seven or eight iterations later and I feel like the product has become really useful for plant enthusiasts. You can read all about the process in our origin story blog post here.

Have questions?
Reach out to me: eli@plantfolio.co | 413 658 8041

Where is Plantfolio located?
We are are located in Brookline, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston.

Where is Plantfolio manufactured?
All manufacturing (it's hand-crafted) takes place in Massachusetts by me with help from family and friends.

Where are materials sourced from?
The components that go into building each plantfolio (and there are quite a few) are sourced from both US-based manufacturers as well as manufacturers located in China.

What is your return policy?
60 day return policy. If you are not happy with your purchase in this time period, you may return it no problem. Though, I would love to know why. I want to build the best product possible and value your customer feedback.