Stainless Steel Soil Scoop Set

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Stainless steel soil scoops make it easy to transport soil from bag to pot. The set includes scoops of three different sizes for varying amounts of dirt or pot size. The smallest scoop can fit inside the large tool loops on the Plantfolio sidewalls, as well as when folded up / stowed.

The scoops are available for purchase as a complete set of three or individually.

Pro Tips:

  • When you scoop your soil from the bag, be sure to tip the scoop upright before leaving the bag so that the soil settles at the bottom of the scoop. This will help ensure you don't dump soil on your way to the pot and it also will allow you to scoop a second larger amount of soil.
  • Careful! The edges are sharp

Product Info:

  • Small Scoop Dimensions:
  • Medium Scoop Dimensions:
  • Large Scoop Dimensions:
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Fabricated in Japan